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Ballroom Dance

J M (Mike) Nelson
Phone: 612-810-0157

So, you think you can't dance!

No matter how many times you have tried to learn to dance, don't give up until you have tried learning from someone who knows enough about learning theory to tell you exactly why you have thus far failed. If you are of normal intelligence, and if you want to learn to dance, I can teach your to dance with confidence and competence and minimal frustration. Read on.

For over thirty years I was a professor of instructional design, director of instructional development at a major university, and consultant to industry for training and development. I can tell you without fear of contradiction that most dance classes, and many private instructors, consistently violate fundamental principles of instructional design, and thus place impossible burdens on the learner.

Traditional approaches typically begin with a specific dance style, such as waltz, foxtrot, rumba, swing, etc. I begin with the requisite skills that enable easy and efficient mastery of all styles of social partner dancing. Not only will you learn to dance, but you will do so at your own pace, and you will probably learn more efficiently and more comfortably than in any traditional dance class. Even better, mastering the popular dance styles will come easily and painlessly.

The best part is that the consultation is free, and I will not try to sell you an expensive package of dance lessons. You could well learn all you might ever need to know for a lifetime of dance in only four lessons, though most couples prefer six. Most couples are dancing confidently after the third lesson, and you decide if and when to take the next lesson.

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