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J M (Mike) Nelson
Phone: 612-810-0157


I am retired, and I like to teach, especially subjects related to partner dance. Offering dance workshops provides more flexibility than volunteering for a specific organization, and I am still able to contribute to my community. In addition, by offering workshops to dance teachers, I can multiply the effectiveness of my knowledge and experience in instructional design in an area that, like most informal, unaccredited teaching areas, is woefully deficient in its pedagogy. There are many ways to contribute to one's community in retirement, and I have chosen this one. If you are a teacher of any subject, who might know more about your subject than the related pedagogy, I will be glad to visit with you for an hour or two to discuss those aspects of the psychology of learning that might particularly apply to your teaching responsibilities. I know that the workshops are quite wonderful because I designed them myself, and I know from experience that my dance lessons are effective, so, until I move on to something else to do for enjoyment, you might as well take advantage of the opportunities. Dance Home Page Dance Curriculum Dance Articles

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