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Ballroom Dance

J M (Mike) Nelson
320-251-4445 -

Elements of Social Dance

Explore the cadences, tempos, footwork and partner connections for most popular dances.

Enjoyable - Insightful - Interesting - Useful

Two-hour workshop for anyone interested in partner dancing, whether beginner or advanced. Gain better understanding about the relationships among dance styles, improve leading and following potential, master other dance styles more quickly, analyze the styles of other dancers more easily. You will be provided reference material, thus helping you retain the information covered in the workshop.


  • Activities, bring your dance shoes
  • Discussion sessions, bring pencil and paper
  • Develop insights that few ever perceive
  • Discover simplicities that few ever expect
  • Analyze techniques of other dancers


  • One word that takes the mystery out of the dance step
  • The two features that make partner dancing enjoyable
  • The most versatile dance step in the western world
  • How to become a better leader/follower
  • How to avoid collisions on the dance floor

This Workshop is usually followed by
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