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Ballroom Dance

J M (Mike) Nelson
Phone: 612-810-0157

Workshop: Music and Dance

This two-hour workshop explores the relationship between music and dance in North America, especially partner dancing. Each popular partner dance style is examined as to its origins, cadence, and its relationship to other dance styles. Participants also see the extensive commonalities among dances, thus removing much of the mystery and enabling easier and more intelligent decisions as to what to pursue next. Selecting a style of dance to match the music is reduced to two, simple questions. Reveals the hidden simplicity and extensive congruency among cadences. Makes dance lessons more efficient by revealing strategies to maximize knowledge transfer. Enables you to mystify your friends by your incredible insight into popular dance styles. Suitable for all levels of sophistication and especially insightful to musicians and experienced dancers. Scope is extensive, so printed material will be provided along with references to numerous resources. Dance Home Page Dance Curriculum Dance Articles

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