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Instructional Systems Design Links

Instructional Systems Design

The following are links to sites containing information and procedures for implementing ISD. Though few related to ballroom dance, most of the procedures and essentially all of the learning theory are applicable.
National Employee Development Center
Natural Resources Conservation Service
U. S. Department of Agriculture
Their ISD home page provides an outline of their ISD process along with links for additional details.
Instructional Systems Design: What it's all about
by Curtis L. Broderick
This “dead end” and perhaps “vanity” page by Curtis L. Broderick provides a downloadable overview of ISD. He writes:
"I've got an excellent idea about how we could teach this." This statement could be the beginning of a smashing training design that learners will use with joy and glee, instruction that will have them engaged and really learning. Or, it could be the path to instructional hell, with the trainer left scratching his head as to why it didn't work.
The extended article, to which he links, is from the November 2001 issue of Training Journal by Fennman Press, UK.
Training Journal Online is an electronic journal for professionals in the field. Though not a “scholarly journal,” in the formal sense, its content appears to address experiences of professionals in the field.

Classics in the History of Psychology
Provides access to primary documents, most otherwise unavailable to most researchers.

Instructional Systems Design: What it's all about, by Curtis L. Broderick. An excellent article, questionably archived, made available here until such time as a dependable link can be located. Dance Home Page Dance Curriculum Dance Articles

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