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The Portfolio differs from the typical portrait session in that it allows for more costume changes and set arrangements, it generally lasts much longer, and the results are usually a wide range of images serving a multiplicity of purposes. Since it is scheduled for an extended time, there is never pressure to stop and make way for another client. The studio is spacious, there is a separate dressing room, and you may bring an assistant, a stylist, or even another person to share in the photo session.

With ample time and flexibility both Personal (photos for family, friends, spouse or lover) and/or Professional (photos for promotional literature and web sites) needs can be addressed in one session.

Photographs will all be digital, and your product will be a series of digital files on a CD-ROM, stored as JPEG, TIFF, or other file formats as desired and available, and the resolution of which should be determined at the beginning of the session.

Cost, Ownership, and Access. Day 1: $150 for the first hour plus $50 for each additional hour for up to six hours. Subsequent days, if available, $50 per hour for up to six hours. There is a $1 charge per digital file, payable on delivery after we preview the results and you select the photos that you want to keep. Your photos will be delivered on CD-ROM disks. You will be provided two copies of your photo files on separate disks. After delivery, and unless I have appropriate, written permission to keep and use the images, I will erase my files, you will have control of the images, and you may reproduce the images in any form you wish and for any legal purpose. Sale of these images or use of these images by a third party for any commercial purpose requires permission from the photographer.

Samples of my photographic work can be seen at the following sites. Note that these links will take you outside this web site.
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